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The Return of Moby Dick

AR Experience

AR experience around 3 central locations in Breda (NL). The work adressed climate change, to increase awareness to the topic.

At the big church the work is part of the Post Digital Heritage group exhibition. Interview for MEST magazine about the exhibition (in Dutch).

The experience was commissioned by BLEND edition of Playgrounds Festival.

Gate - Chasse Theater

Gate - Valkenberg Park

Gate - Big Church


︎Download the Factar App
︎Scan the QR code
︎Place the gate on the surface
︎Call Moby
︎Walk into the world

Chasse Theater:

Valkenberg Park:

The Big Church:

Process: From Sketch to 3D environment, the singing choir

Some bloopers from the process:

Concept: (the article)

In 1981 a seal found its way to Breda. It lived on a boat at the canal for two weeks before it was captured and safely transferred to the center for aiding seals in the north. The visitor became popular among the people of the city who gave it the name Moby Dick.

But we failed to see the true purpose of Moby’s visit, for in fact, it was a interdimensional messenger, who came to warn the people of Breda about climate change. Now, after 41 years, it’s once again time for it to return to Breda. But this time, it’s not alone.

Chasse Theater

In this world, at the Chasse theater, the messenger is a multi-mask actor who held a pita with falafel in it. His speech:

“Shakespeare was also a vegetarian, and falael wasn’t even invented at that time.” 
Valkenberg Park

In this world the messenger is a failed comedian in the shape of a flying cage.

He was telling his cracks to the trees who apparently were the only ones laughing with / at him, therefor he pleaded us to watch over them.
The Big Church

In this world the messenger is a chimney - prophet. She is seated on a meditation cushion, escorted by the choire. The flying book in the scene read:

Silent Night,
Holy Night,
Free of Carbo-dioxied.

The Cracks from Valkenberg:

 “Hoi, Gat het goed, Kile?” ︎

“Ik ben geen valk maar ik zie ook geen berg” ︎

“Ik vlieg hier alleen in een te stille stad”︎

“Ik vlieg via Breda” ︎

Cracks Explanations:

︎”Hoi, gat het goed, Kile?” translates to “Hey, is it going ok, Kile?” and is supposed to be spelled with two a’s: Gaat. Kilegat is the name of Breda during carnaval.

︎”Ik ben geen valk maar ik zie ook geen berg” - “I’m not a falcon, but I also can’t see any mountain”. Valkenberg in Dutch - the mountain of falcons. The park is of course flat, as most of the Netherlands.

︎”Ik vlieg hier alleen in een te stille stad” - “I fly here alone in a too silent city”. This line hints to the song Brabant by Guus Meeuwis, which is a sort-of local anthem of the Brabant region and the city Breda in specific. The ever known chorus begins with the sentence “I walk here alone, in a too silent city”

︎”Ik vlieg via Breda” - “I fly through Breda”. Everyone who has crossed Breda by train or car knows the sign that is welcoming the passengers: “Ik reis via Breda”, which means, I ride through Breda.

Extra Facts:

In Valkenberg - The park used to be a starting point for the “Lords of Breda” to go on their hunt with their falcons (valkens). At the center of the park the falcon house was situated. It contained a huge cage, hence the flying cage form was chosen.
In Valkenberg - This world’s gate is made from benches. Benches also enclose the environment. The design of the benches resemble the ones that are stationed along the real park.