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The Return of Moby Dick

AR Experience

An AR experience around Breda (NL) - in 3 different locations:
The Chasse Theater
The Valkenberg park
The big church

At the big church the work is part of the Post Digital Heritage group exhibition.

Interview for MEST magazine about the exhibition (in Dutch).

The experience was commissioned by BLEND edition of Playgrounds Festival.

Available to see until January 2023.

Cocnept - 

In September 1981 a seal accidentally found her way to Breda. She spent a couple of weeks where she lived on a boat at the canal. The unexpected visitor became popular among the people of the city who gave her the name Moby Dick.

After two weeks Moby was captured and safely transferred to the center for aiding seals in the north.

But alas! We failed to see the true purpose of Moby’s visit! For in fact, she was an interdimensional messenger, who came to warn the people of Breda about climate change.

Now, after 41 years, it’s once again time for her to return to Breda. But this time, she’s not alone.

For one month three gates will open at three locations in Breda: Next to the Chasse theater, next to the big church and at the Valkenberg park.

Gate - Chasse Theater

Gate - Valkenberg Park

Gate - Big Church