Daniel Wesseik

Visual Art

The Driver


Teaser ︎

Short 2D animation film
Logline: In a desolate world a train is rushing to an unknown destination.
Completion Date: January 2020
Running Time: 03’17”
Sound design and music: Karl Russell
Narration: Pete Beaumont

“The Driver unfolds a short poem about a train that is on a compulsive rush to an unknown destination. 

It is inspired by a period in my life where I had to spend many hours on a train for work.

The story of the train conceals an allegory to the challenge of putting a stop to self -destructing patterns.

Whereas the poem and the film are inspired by an individual perspective, it makes a statement on society as well; over its apathy and its lack of ability in embracing well-needed change.”

The Design of the train is inspired by the locomotive train designed by Machinefabriek Breda.