“THE DRIVER” Short film

(in distribution)

Short 2D animation film

Logline: In a desolate world a train is rushing to an unknown destination.

Release Date: January 2020

Running Time: 03.17 min.

Genre: Poetry, art, experimental

Direction, design and animation: Daniel Wesseik
Sound design and music: Karl Russell
Narration: Pete Beaumont
The Driver is a poetic animated short film about a train that is on a compulsive rush to an unknown destination. The aesthetics of the environment and of the train, the disturbing sounds of the journey and of the narration and the fast paced scenario, manifest an inner dystopian reality where the unbalanced train is led by ambition, rage, frustration and a hint of self mockery.

Inspired by the classic locomotive train (picture taken in the water tower museum in Breda)