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Forgotten Names

Curation and participation

︎3 colors Riso zine
︎40 pages
︎Featuring 12 artists 
︎Printed in Aug ‘19

My spreads:

Borbala Tompa
Susannah Garden

︎Printed at
Drucken3000 (Berlin)

︎List of Participants
Harry Wyld (UK) - Anastacia Sholik (UA) - Yuki Kitazumi (JP) - Sander Ettema (NL) - Boilingman (CN) - Nicolas China (AR) - Karolina Lubazsco (PL) - Fred Fivaz (CH) - Chloe Bertron (FR)

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“Forgotten Names” is related to a sub-field in magic that is about knowing the real and true name of things.

This practice in magic tells that everything in the world has a true name. This true name correlates perfectly
with its essence.

The true name of things is referenced in many cultures and religions.
It is also commonly mentioned in fairy tales and folktales, in literature, or in occult writings.