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Project in Development- Blind Date

Short animated film.
Genre: Surreal Musical Mockumentary
Director: Daniel Wesseik
Producer: Kamila Dohnalová, Silk Films
Technique: 2D and 3D animation

Blind Date is paraphrasing the traditional television format of a dating show and echoing the biblical story of Adam and Eve. It is a story about sacrifice, transformation and coming to terms with oneself. It is told using bitter humour, nonsense and unconventional storytelling.
The music plays a central role, manifesting the genre of the musical. Music will lead the storyline and characters will act according to it. The documentary genre will reveal itself through several breaks of behind-the-scenes interviews with the characters that will be reflecting on their participation in the dating show.

The visual language of Blind Date will consist of a collage of 2D and 3D visuals. It will be hand-drawn animated. The aim of the mixed techniques is to achieve a cohesive, dreamlike and colourful look that will set the tone for the peculiar events.