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Collection of moving works from 2021.


Series of 12 moving drawings.

“Empty Spaces” is a grid of visual rules and a seletion of options for interacting with them. Each option is a moving drawing.
In the world of “Empty Spaces”, rules are taken both as limitations and as fragile systems: They are a fertile ground for new rules to be built upon them, in theory.
Every moving drawing interacts with the grid and the rules it suggests.
Some moving drawings follow these rules more stricly and interact with all parts of the grid, whereas other moving drawings are less obedient and take more liberty to follow certain rules while dismissin others.  
“Empty Spaces” was drawn on paper using pencil colors, markes, ink and oil pastels

Solutions 1, 5, 7, 11:

Solutions 2, 4, 8, 10:

Solutions 3, 6, 9,, 12:

The White Mouse

Documenting and interpreting a dream

Part 1: The Dream (A White Mouse)


A dream is incoherent.

The order is cunning.

Part 2: The Interpretation:

An interpretation of a dream
is subjective to logic.


July 25th, 2021.

A dream about a white mouse.

It was lying on the BBQ.

I saved him.

That somehow encouraged
Roman to share a therapy
he went through.

The white mouse had stripes
of fear or exhaustion under
his eyes.

part 1:

part 2:

All frames:


There Are So Many

Animated comic

“There Are So Many” was drawn on paper using pencil and oil pastels.

Drawn on 6 panels.
Each phase of the sentence was scanned and processed before the next one was drawn on top of it.


Animated loop

Input-Output” was created during a stay at TAC Eindhoven.

It explores electricity in different forms. Drawn on 10 papers using ink, pencil colors and markers.

Text in Hebrew:

קוצר הנשימה︎
קוצר הנשמה︎

לכו מעלי︎

- מיסתורין︎
ברוך הבא︎